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If there’s one thing that we’re familiar with at the Hudson Chiropractic Clinic, it’s knowing how to handle and manage random injuries and pain. We know that sometimes, you just need quick and immediate relief – whether it’s from a fresh injury or a long-term issue. Traditional approaches to treating injuries include icing and heating, which are still both very useful. But cold and heat therapy play two different roles in treatment. When should I ice my injury? C... Read More
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What is carpal tunnel? That is a common question in our clinic; along with 'What causes this hand numbness?' Unfortunately, there isn't always a simple answer. True carpal tunnel syndrome stems from impingement or irritation of the median nerve in the wrist, usually affecting the thumb and first finger. Since some fibers of the median nerve are derived from the 6th and 7th cervical nerve roots, it's possible for the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome to be confused with nerve... Read More
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Are you feeling healthier than you did when you made your New Year’s Resolution on January 1st? Are your pants still trying to kill you by strangulation? Are you still a member of the “Clean Your Plate Club"? Before another year and ten pounds go by, let’s take a notice of whether or not your habits are working for you and helping you accomplish your goals. Or would you rather wait and just be battling yourself yet again? Before we talk about exercise, let’s state one... Read More
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